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Continuous Profile




PLA, Acrylic and varnish. Wooden Base, varnish, forex. Aumented Reality.


Sunny Art Prize 04
Sunny Art Centre London (UK)

"Profilo Continuo" is a sculpture that depicts the "Continuous Profile" of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. This work is conceived to be exactly at eye level for the observer and to show the same silhouette from each side and point of view.

It is a quote and re-interpretation of the "Profilo Continuo di Mussolini", made by the futurist sculptor Renato Bertelli. Bertelli proposed a kind of art bonded with the propaganda with the aim of reviving without rhetoric «the metaphor of a watchful and sleepless chief who sees and watches everything». With Trump's profile, the theme, on top of being a satirical cue, is enriched with another level of reading.

Through augmented reality (via a bespoke mobile app), it will be possible to view Trump's own tweets, virtually projected on the statue's pedestal, changing as the observer moves around the piece. The "Profilo continuo" becomes again a theme able to double up again just like the Janus Bifrons recalled by Bertelli himself with his original piece, further multiplying the point of views.

In order to see through augmented reality all the tweets posted through the years by the President of the United States, it would be required to circle the piece approximately 317000 times, walking a total of 3169 km, which is the length of the US-Mexico border. An endless border that focuses on a single point, in the center, a figure and propaganda built by and and around him. A circle that becomes a mystical and ascetic path, and that wants to reflect on the connection between art, politics, propaganda and religion.