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Human In The Loop - Reification Machine





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In an era where technology and artistry converge, this initiative emerges as a pioneering exploration into the symbiotic relationship between human artists and artificial intelligence. The project delves into the intricate dialogue between human-inspired creativity and the innovative visions proposed by AI.

At the heart of our endeavor is the artistic residency. Here, 3 artists embark on a transformative journey, steered by AI-generated non-existent art descriptions. These "blueprints", or instruction sheets, contain comprehensive information for the realization of the artwork, encompassing inspiration, aesthetic and conceptual references, and stylistic guidelines. The challenge lies in the artists' ability to interpret and adapt to these AI-generated instructions, pushing the boundaries of their creativity while adhering to the AI's vision.

Complementing the residency are two integral workshops. These platforms will see the guiding artist and the resident artists come to share their experiences and insights during the work. They will delve into the intricacies of their collaboration with the AI, elucidating the challenges, and revelations encountered. The primary objective of this workshop is to demystify the AI-art collaboration, offering participants a clear understanding of how a machine's creativity can harmoniously blend with human intuition and emotion to birth unique artworks.

The culmination of our project will be the exhibitions, where both the art and the process stemming from the AI-human collaboration will be showcased.

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