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Notebook of an AI




Equidistanze 2021
Filetto (Ravenna)

Notebook of an AI is the synthesis of a series of experiments conducted through the interaction between the author and GPT 3, an autoregressive language model pre-trained through deep-learning, developed by the californian company OpenAI.

This technology was made available from June 2020, through a private access plan to the beta version. This plan aims to conduct tests to mitigate the potential harmful effects of GPT-3, which include: "misinformation, spam, phishing, abuse of legal and government processes, fraudulent academic essays and social engineering pretexts."

The majority of the material was generated and collected during the period between 3 - 9 August 2021, in the context of Equidistanze 2021 project, organized by Magazzeno Art Gallery.

It would be almost impossible to draw a clear boundary between the creative contribution of an "author" and the text generated by GPT-3. The model does not have an identity of its own, but is a simple tool capable of identifying patterns, and therefore instructions on the type of text to be produced, based on the words it receives as input. The whole process is in fact based on a continuous “collaboration” between two subjects, author and machine, both fragmented and multiple.

During this interaction a game of mirrors takes place in which the author and the model's intervention overlap, in a continuous dialogue. The result is the creation of something that could be described as a "collective text", but whose structure could very closely resemble a notebook in which reflections, dialogues, stories, poems, theatrical scripts are collected.

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