I started my career in tech developing games for fun at the 14's with Ruby, where I learned logic and coding in general.

Then I did Web Development with Javascript, HTML/CSS, PHP, Wordpress.

After 2020, I started to learn UX/UI Design. and now I'm working with Webflow Design and Development bringing code and design skills to the project


Roberto Beragnoli was born in Florence in 1990 and has had a passion for illustration and painting since a young age. He completed his studies in Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of Florence before embarking on a career in design, artificial intelligence, prototyping, and MVP development. Beragnoli collaborated with WASP and PNAT, a University of Florence spin-off directed by Prof. Stefano Mancuso, where he designed the monitoring system for PNAT's Jellyfish Barge project for EXPO 2015 in Milan. The project aimed to address sustainable food production in urban environments. Beragnoli subsequently founded his own digital art studio the same year.
In 2022, Beragnoli held his first solo exhibition, entitled "Treasures from the Subsidence of the Domus of the Thousand Mosaics." This collective performance centered around a fictional Roman Domus discovered in the city. The exhibition, which explored the theme of truth and fiction in contemporary society, was realized entirely through the use of various artificial intelligences. It was presented by Magazzeno Arte Contemporanea in collaboration with the Municipality of Ravenna during the VII Biennale del Mosaico Contemporaneo.

His artistic practice is deeply rooted in his background in computer science and philosophy. He utilizes artificial intelligence and algorithms to explore the intersection between physical mediums and the digital world, seeking to engage in a dialogue with previous artists and highlight both continuity and breaks in the history of art. Beragnoli's research interests include the study of languages and their performative acts through new technologies, the creation of art through automatic learning processes, and the manipulation of space/time concepts. Through his work, Beragnoli aims to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of art and technology.Currently, Beragnoli works in the Mamazen Startup Studio where he focuses on idea validation and MVP development. He also collaborates with the MEET Digital Culture Center, where he is artist-in-residence from January to June 2024.


Here are some code experiences that pushes Webflow + Javascript development skills to the edge.

Feel free to use them on your projects.

Custom Audio-Player

Response Design

Here are some code experiences that pushes Webflow + Javascript development skills to the edge.

Feel free to use them on your projects.

October 2022–today


Webflow Development

UX/UI Design


Client - First


The palm-tree paradise of Pearl Island in The Bahamas
The beautiful countryside of the Peak District
Beautiful tonal blue basketball court in Miami
Top down view of a flat white coffee
Bryn's colourful skateboard
Surfing into the sunset in Carcavelos, Portugal
Tapas plates of ceviche, oysters and salmon
Bryn mid-air, snowboarding in Whistler
Paddleboarding off the beach of Barcelona
An ambient James Blake festival performance
Two clownfish swimming around Malaysian coral
An autumnal view towards London's city skyline