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Journey to Italy




AI Generated Images


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Journey to Italy is a conceptual project consisting of a series of digital images generated using artificial intelligence, designed to resemble candid photos, stolen shots, and random memories. The images are artificial memories that take viewers on a journey through an imaginary Italy, constructing a familiar yet controversial and surreal visual narrative.

The project features images that are simultaneously dreamlike, symbolic, and highly realistic, encouraging viewers to question their own perceptions of reality and memory. However, intentionally uncorrected glitches in some of the images result in even more surreal and unusual final results. The aim is to prompt viewers to consider the limitations and possibilities of artificial intelligence and how it can both enhance and distort our comprehension of reality.

By blurring the lines between real and imaginary, past and present, and truth and fiction, the project creates a dimension that both transcends and remains deeply rooted in our everyday experiences.