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The Most Complete Anthology of the Greatest Non-Existent Artists of the Last 100 Years




AI Generated Videos Mixed Media Performance


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"The Most Complete Anthology of the Greatest Non-Existent Artists of the Last 100 Years" is an innovative multidisciplinary project that uniquely intersects literature,  artificial intelligence, art history, documentary filmmaking, and physical art creation. It boldly challenges conventional art narratives by employing AI to fabricate the lives and works of one hundred fictitious artists. This ambitious project not only weaves a rich fictional art history but also culminates in the physical embodiment of the artworks, transitioning these imagined narratives into tangible reality.The project initiates with the development of intricate AI-generated narratives for a hundred non-existent artists.
These narratives encompass extensive personal biographies, artistic styles, and hypothetical influences on art history. Central to the project is a series of documentary films that delve into these narratives, effectively bridging the gap between fiction and reality. The documentaries serve as both a visual and narrative platform, showcasing the artists and their imagined works. The project's final and essential phase is the physical creation of the artworks described in these narratives, thereby materializing the fictional accounts and challenging conventional notions of authenticity in art.