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Treasures from the Subsidence of the Domus of the Thousand Mosaics




Collective Performance, Happening, Digital, AI


Treasure from the Subsidence of the Domus of a Thousand Mosaics
Magazzeno Arte Contemporanea, Ravenna

Treasures from the Subsidence of the Domus of the Thousand Mosaics is a conceptual work focused on the news of a very important archaeological discovery that never took place. The work consists of photographs of the excavations and of the architectural and mosaic finds, ground plans and drawings of possible views, videos with interviews and narrator's voice inserts. Every element of the project has been realized through the use of different artificial intelligences: from the article that started the story (published as a real story in the weekly Ravenna&Dintorni, complicit in the project), to the images and videos. The project is a hybrid between reality and fiction, which explores the theme of truth and fiction in contemporary society.
The exhibition was realized with the collaboration of the Municipality of Ravenna and was presented by Magazzeno Arte Contemporanea on the occasion of the VII Biennale del Mosaico Contemporaneo.

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