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Un intervento sul volto di Dante




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Where did you get the quote that the poets are talking about?

No one asked me. I found it on my own, by pure coincidence.

My work on the image of the Divine Poet Dante Alighieri, needed a lot of time and energy so that it would be artistically acceptable to the human eye. The initial process to analyze the image of the poet and the production of what I defined “a procedure on the original portrait of Dante (photo)” took about a week.

Then I realized that I needed even more resources in terms of time but especially RAM space.

Because the computer processor that I use only has 32GB of available RAM – and even if I can get it quicker – I had to divide the image into various levels. I realized that all these levels contained something unique, I called it “historical uniqueness of the single pixel” and I decided to use it to my advantage. So, I used a procedure called “Constant Stimuli” to change the contents.

After analyzing the content of the image, I found the quotes that the poets were talking about. I created a new image with these words and I applied it to all the other levels.